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Monday, January 24, 2011

Organization time!

Ok, yes - I have been very slack in my posting lately. Should I even say "non-existent"? lol. It has been a very busy time around my home, and lately I have started organizing. Not just my home but also my scrap room. Now, I'm not doing a room redo because I just do not have the funds; however, I have approached the "declutter and organize my home" mode with energy, excitement, and enthusiasm. With regard to my scrap area - does anyone else have the problem that it can become a dumping ground for anything and everything? I do, and that is going to change. So I am getting my room completely organized and usable and not a dumping ground.

I have been going through the room to get rid of the things that do not belong there. What a chore. (I forgot to take Before pictures - sorry. But it was very bad.) I seem to let it pile up during the holiday season. A quick clean of the house and everything gets shoved in my scrap room. No longer!

I am almost at the point where I will box up all my supplies to organize properly - Go Big and Go for Broke.

So as I am searching the net for ideas on organization and storage, I come across this great blog - My Love Affair With The Label Maker - and it is a great blog (if short-lived). I was going to post a list of how to organize as I went, but this blog has already done that - and very extensively. This, in my opinion, is probably one of the best blogs I have come across on how to organize your scrap area.

She approaches it week by week. Each week you target a certain item/area. The great part is that she did all this a while ag, so you won't have to wait each week for a post, they are already there. I'm looking forward to that as I plan to accomplish a few weeks each day as I work. (Gazelle focus!) I'm not going to go into great detail - she already did that. So instead I will say that to get started, you need to go back to her first post and move forward from there. So here is the link to that post: Let the Challenge Begin!

Happy Organizing!!