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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Your Story Paper Trimmer Refills for the Blade Cartridge

Does this look Familiar!!!!!?????

Yep - I did it. I found refills that will fit the Your Story Paper Trimmer that was included in the bundle.

You know : This trimmer?

The one ProvoCraft had bundled with the YourStory originally on HSN, then sold through a few spots for about $20 as it is being discontinued. An awesome trimmer, though it doesn't have an arm for cutting the 12 inch paper.

Well, after much searching, I finally located the RIGHT refills. I received them in the mail today with much hope, that turned to elation when I RAN into my scrap room to try them in my trimmer. "Pop" and they fit!!! Cuts beautifully.

And the best part!!??

Is that they have not just the straight, scoring, and scallop blades; but also the pinking, score, and decorative blades as well!
This is the company and website: American Crafts CutUp

They have a list of retailers who carry the product. I ordered mine through 2 Peas in a Bucket, but they charged $6 shipping for that little pack in the picture and sent it in a 12x12 box! What a waste!
(FYI - The trimmer that these go with, retails for $50!!)

Hope you enjoy!!