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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cricut Explore - svg and dxf files - UPDATE

OK - I just got off the phone with PC - I even spoke with Cricut GENA.

She did verify that PC listened to the bloggers and their customers and has made the decision to change it.  All files, including svg and dxf can be uploaded AND CUT for FREE!

I am very happy to hear this! 


 For those who are curious about the .svg and .dxf file issue in regards to a fee or not.  I took some screen shots from the website.

here it has this:

here it has this:

update: in the amount of time it took me to screen shot and write my posts up, this page has changed.  Now it has this:

and here it has this (page 5):

Personally, this basically says that you can upload the .svg and .dxf files for free, but cutting requires a fee.  However, the images show contradictory information.  Perhaps it is just a typo.  I am waiting for a PC rep to clarify this issue.
Even with the Update, I am still waiting for verification from PC.

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  1. I have the Explore and I use the computer drafting program AutoCAD. I bought the Explore because I want to draw a pattern as did...then import and cut on the Explore. This is what I have discovered so far. I can as dxf...and bring into explore. However... round corners are not round but squared off. Also...the dxf, drawn full size...does not cut full site. Also, the "window" in the piece disappears. I am very computer literate and this drives me nuts!