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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Fairy Without Wings - Book Swap

Here is what I created for the Book Swap: (all pictures were taken by the recipient as I forgot to get decent pictures before I shipped it)

The stick pins with a pin cushion

The book

I knew almost right away what the basis of my idea would be.  I wanted to cut out the cover and put the plastic inside to create a window.  I had planned for fairies inside as well with other things.  Reality strikes as you create though, and plans must change.  I created the fairy and discovered there wasn't much room left for the wings, so I went searching for the name of a fairy without wings and found the Disney book.  I used artistic interpretation for my piece.  Everything except the dragonfly is hand sculpted and hand painted.  The dragonfly comes from my collection of pieces that I use for jewelry creation.  I am probably the most "tickled" at the pages in the book, they look real!  This is the Fairy Book I created.  Where the story resides inside ready to come to life when you open the cover.
I purchased a copy of the Disney book to send to my partner as she has a young daughter.  This way they both have the story and can share the reading together.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Once Upon A Time - Book Swap

I recently participated in a Book Box Swap online on the Cricut Circle messageboard.
This is the swap I received.

I love it, very elegant. Has a fairy tale/Moroccan feel to it. Purples and vintage golds, which I love. The front has a fairy tale mirror, reminiscent of Snow White.

The spine has "Once Upon A Time" sketched on it in gold.

Has a cute chunky charm dangling from the "lock."

Inside is another "locked" box containing the stick pins.

"The End"