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Friday, April 15, 2011

Organizing my Cricut Items

This is how I "currently" organize my Cricut Items. I want my stash to be easily portable if I need to take them with me. I also hate to waste desk space. The wooden shelf was made for me to protect a printer I used to travel with, but I no longer have that printer, so since it was perfect for my needs, I repurposed it. The Expression needs at least 12 inches behind it for a 12x12 mat and that is a lot of room, so to keep that space, I went vertical.

First, you can see that I labeled each area. I didn't get a picture of my cords and blades and such in the container, but I figured you didn't really need to see that mess. lol It is a container from Walmart that snaps together.

Next - I used photo boxes and tab dividers to store my handbooks, with the corresponding overlay in the front, in alphabetical order.

The individual cartridges are stored in an ArtBin that I found at Tuesday Morning (I got this idea from someone on the Cricut Messageboard, but I sure can't remember who it was - however, I loved it!!). The cartridges are separated by Fonts and Shapes, and of course, they are in alphabetical order in each section.

I really like this because I can see the front of each cartridge with a glance. The way I stored them before, I had to pull various carts out to read the front until I found the one for which I was looking. Also, there is a face cover that snaps on and a handle on top, so I can carry these anywhere with me. An added bonus is that they are stackable.

Here, you can see the clearance behind my Expression. I also store my extra 12x12 mats there. This makes it easy to grab an extra one when I'm doing a large project. Especially since I don't have any drawers that are 12x12 and I don't truly have the wall space to hang them.

Additionally, I normally keep my Gypsy on the side of all of this, but at the time of the picture I had been using it, so I grabbed a shot or two. This is a mesh bag from Creative Memories, it has a divider so I can keep the cords separate (you can see I don't always use it). But I love it because I can just grab it and go. Everything I need for my Gypsy is in there.

Hope you enjoyed this. Maybe it will give you an idea or two for you organizing.

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