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Friday, October 1, 2010

Confession Time - A Long day

Well, I didn't get much scrapping done today and I hate a post without pictures. But I did pay some bills, make lists of projects to complete, and I also cleaned up my scrap room some more.

You see, until 3 weeks ago all my scrap stuff had to remain in totes because we were laying floor and everything from that room had to go somewhere!! - yep, you guessed it - my scrap room. Why is it when things need to go somewhere they get dumped in my room.?

Does anyone else have this problem?

And to make it worse, I had been in the middle of reworking my room. So all my scrap stuff was EVERYWHERE!!!

So I have been moving things back out of my room and rearranging it to make it a comfortable work environment. The most interesteing thing I have discovered: I have finally learned ot let go of some things.

I have always been something of a packrat - long history as to why - so I don't throw anything away - just in case. Generally, my just in case has been a good thing because I end up needing it, but unfortunately it also leads to clutter - too much clutter.


I am finally taking things out of their packaging and putting them away. Now before you think I threw all the packaging away - no - I am not that good [sigh].

I save the hard plastic packaging and at night, while watching TV I cut out the flat areas and put them in a container just for them. I'll show you what I use them for in a future post. I do toss the remnants though - lol.

I also save certain plastic bags that the stamps come in. They already have adhesive on one end and are sealed around the other three sides. They are great for putting certain trinkets for scrapbooking - especiallt non-archival items.

How does this help me since I'm not actually getting rid of these things? Well, one it allows me to put the actual item in its proper place and saves room and mess; two I have a specific place for those certain packagings; and three YES I am throwing part of it away!

Besides, I'm ORGANIZING! That is important too!


Tune in tomorrow - I promise to have a project posted!


  1. Organizing now will give you more time to be creative later. I sometimes save the hard plastic too. It embosses really well.

  2. Congratulations - keep working on it! It sounds like it is making you feel good to be going through everything. I think we all need that sometimes!!