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Saturday, May 21, 2011

More Flowers!

These are more of the flowers I am creating for my swap. This time, I am using tropical flowers from Prim. Now, do go out looking to find some of these - they are discontinued. I just happened to have several boxes around from when I got a good deal on a bunch of their flowers.

When I first received them, I had visions of cruise scrapbook layouts - until I poured them out...

Then I was stumped. How to use these? They just weren't what I had in mind. So many months later, I accidentally stumbled upon an awesome way to change the look of these flowers. I was just playing around and some of them "fell" a certain way and I got the lightbulb moment. So I created a few and that was that. Enter the swap. I was trying to think of some unusual flowers for the swap when I came across a bottle of these that I had made before. Click! Easy and gorgeous!

To start: select matching color pairs (you can do complimentary colors as well, this just creates a fuller appearing flower)

Add a touch of tacky glue or similarly strong adhesive to the center of one flower piece, layer the second piece, offsetting the petals.

Allow that to dry, then using glitter glue - my favorite is Stickles - add as much or as little glitter accents as you desire.
Once that is dry, attach a center. I like to use rhinestones or Skittles


Quick, easy, and lots of bling!

This is the pile of 25 flowers that I created in under 4 hours tonight while my children were skating. Drying time was the hard work! Having to wait!


  1. Love this!! Thanks so much for sharing. I have lots of these flowers that I don't use and will use your info to dress them up a bit.

  2. Amazing - they don't even look like the same flowers!