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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ohio Roadtrip - Post 1

Okay, so at "some" point today I will be heading out to Ohio. So I decided that I would post the pennant I created for the Circle pennant contest. The guidelines stated we had to use the Birthday Bash cartridge for out pennant shape and the theme of the pennant should be based on where we live - I'm being general because there were more to the rules. Well, I'm from the south, born and raised (I trace back to the Native Cherokees), Georgia to be exact, so I considered peaches, peanuts, Atlanta, and other similar things. But I like to be different, so I started racking my brain for "different" and came up with Gone With the Wind. So, with that as my theme, here is my pennant:

Here is a closeup of the Magnolia tree I created. This is from a Martha Stewart border punch that I punched and the cut apart. I then hand glued all the pieces, last count was around 78 pieces. The blooms are made from tiny Prima flowers, from the milk bottle jars. I cut each petal off and then reglued to a small square of paper and cupped it as it dried. The centers look like Flower Soft don't they? They aren't. I went to a convention hoping to buy some, but no one was selling it this year. So desperation calls for creativity. I took a piece of brown scrap paper and using one of the dental tools I have, I scraped an area until enough of the paper feathered and shreddded then stuck it to glue in the center of the bloom. It gave it the perfect look.

This is Tara. I used the Circle Exclusive cartridge Pop-up Neighborhood for this image. I also used it for the trees. Cutting out a layer for a pop up tree and separating the pieces. I had used my version of Flower Soft, but I didn't like the look it had. The bushes are also the same pop up tree just in a larger size.
I added clouds and a fence. The fence is from the Old West cartridge and I can't remember just now where the clouds are from.

This is a closeup of Scarlet. The stickles on her jacket didn't show up well in this image, but you can see them better in others. I had drew her embroidery on the jacket and the feathered hat in made from scrap pieces. The girl image comes from the Circle Exclusive Shall We Dance. The dress is custom made. That is gold vellum for the underskirts. I did take a bit of liberty with her dress as this is not an exact replication of the drapery dress, but most people know exactly what it is when they see it.

I hope you enjoyed your visit today. This was a lot of fun to create. I can't wait to see all the pennants hanging around the room and I look forward to hunting for mine. I plan to post pictures of all the pennants hanging in a few days, so come back then.


  1. Love your Scarlet banner as I am a devoted GWTW fan! thanks so much for telling us that you will photograph the other banners at the Meet-up! Hope that you have a wonderful time!

  2. Wow Amy!
    Looks like a winner to me!